What is Instander APK?

What is Instander APK? | Benefits Of Instander APK V17.2

Instagram was introduced only a few years ago. However, it has become the most popular social sharing site over time. The main focus of Instagram is the sharing of photos and videos. Instagram has limitations, such as the inability to download pictures and videos. People enjoy downloading photos and videos. Then, the Instander APK name comes to mind. But many of them need to learn about Instander APK. They ask What is Instander APK?

Introduction: What is Instander APK?

Instander is a modified version of Instagram. The Instander APK was then created by developer Thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov) to provide more features to Instagram users. As well as making it safe and secure for its users. Instander is basically designed for Android users But you can install it on iPhones and PC also.
Instander APK allows its users autonomy. They can now download pictures and videos of their favourite celebrities and share them with friends.

Benefits of Instander APK?

Instander APK gives many features like downloading photos and videos, Ghost mode, quality improvements, Without ads, gestures, etc. We will discuss them in detail.

Download Pictures and videos

First and foremost, we shall cover this remarkable function that you will like. You can now download your favourite photos and videos. Click on the three dots button on the image or video, then on the download button, and your download will begin.

Ghost Mode

Go to settings, advanced options, and enable ghost mode to become a ghost. You can now disable typing status while typing a message. You can watch live streaming and stories anonymously by masking yourself. Is it thrilling or not?

Quality improvement

Now, a user can upload High-quality Pictures and videos to their feed for their followers. And enjoy the high-quality content on Instagram.

Save to Archive

Instander APK has a download feature, which is fine if your phone is running out of space. There is a solution. Save it to your Archive so you can view it later. You can now save live videos and watch them within 30 days.

Custom friend list

If you want to share your social media life with some limited friends, make a custom friend list and share your post. It will show only those friends who are included in the list.

Message replies

You can also set people who can reply to your post. In this way, you can avoid creepy and toxic people. Only those friends can respond to your post, which is allowed.

Without Ads

Instander is a ad-free app. No ads are shown on any videos. Ads can be turned off under the privacy setting.


The gestures play a significant role in quality and user experience. With a double tap, you can like any post and triple tap anything that can be downloaded. Swipe left and right to navigate pages—long tap to zoom the post.

Blue Badge

You can get a blue badge by donating a small amount to the Developer. Email a username screenshot of the transaction to the Developer and wait. You will get a blue tick on your profile.

Translate Comments

Translate comments in any language you want.in the original app, this feature is not available. Now you can also copy comments, captions, and Bio of any profile.

Know your new Followers and who Viewed Your Profile

Now you are aware of who is visiting your profile and following you. It gives all the records of followers and visitors to your profile.

Is it safe to use Instander APK?

When we learn that it was created by a third party, we immediately think about safety concerns. But there’s no need to be concerned. It is completely safe and secure. The important thing to remember is to get it from a reputable source. We provide you with a clean and safe Mod APK. You can use it without any tension.

How to Download and Install Instander APK

Click on the download button. Your downloading will start. Install it and enjoy it with your friends.

How to update the Instander APK?

Conclusion: Is Instander APK Worth It?

As we discuss all the aspects of Instander APK above. And you will get the answer about What is Instander APK? But if you have more questions about it please feel free to ask it in comments or DM.

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