How to Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format?

How to Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format?

Many of us Instander APK users are having difficulty downloading photographs in Webp format. This post attempts to answer the question “How to Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format?” “Why is Instander Downloading in WBEP Format?” and, to a lesser extent, any questions about Instander Download formats. Because Webp format is a technical term, many of us must learn it.

Don’t worry, we’ll go over the Webp format and its advantages and disadvantages. We download something we like when utilizing Instander APK, which might be a video or a photo. The images are in Webp format. This format is not supported by all devices.

What is WebP Format?

Webp is a new photo format that compresses images without sacrificing quality while also increasing web speed. It is used similarly by web developers and modern apps. In this method, they increased online speed while maintaining media quality.

Webp images are 26% smaller than PNG files and 25 to 34% smaller as compared to JPEG. Their quality is equal to that of PNG and JPEG. As measured By SSIM(structural similarity index measure), it is for examining the quality of television media as well as other kinds of pictures. 

Why Photos are Downloaded in WebP format?

As we discussed above, Webp images are smaller in size, but the quality of these images is outstanding. This is the main reason that Instander APK adopts Webp format to improve user experience by Fast loading and better quality. But sometimes, when you upload these downloaded images to your profile, they look blurry. This problem can be solved by changing the file format.

How to Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format?

It is not a big technical issue. You can change the format by adopting these simple steps.

  • Open your File Manager
  • Search Instander in the Search Bar
  • Tap on Instander Folder
  • Select the photo whose format you want to change
  • Tap on Rename
  • Replace .webp with .png
  • Tap on Change

Your Photos format is changed, and you can use it in your way as you want.

Pros And Cons of Downloading Photos In WEBP

Pros Of WEBP

  • Webp images are very small in size.
  • Quality Of image is good.
  • Increases Web speed.
  • Saves bandwidth space.
  • Animation and alpha transparency.

Cons Of WEBP

  • Image quality to some extent loses its details and textures.
  • You need to Change the Image format For other usage.
  • Some sofwere does not support Webp.
  • Some browsers also do not support Webp.


In short, Webp has some Benefits And also has some disadvantages. It Save your space because of its size. Increases the speed of your App and also browsers. This will save your internet data. You can download Photos in Webp format and quickly convert them into other formats.

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