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Instander is a customised version of Instagram’s official app that includes functionality not found in the original app. Developer mode, disabling ads and analytics, downloading photos, videos, stories, and IGTV, Cyrillic fonts in accounts, turning off the in-app browser, zooming user avatars, pictures in maximum quality, posting photos up to 2160 px and 95% compression, marking direct messages as unread, hiding typing status in direct messages, and many more are among the features available. You can download your preferred Instander APK from this page.

Instander APK

Download Instander APK

Android version


App Size

60 Mb



Original Or Unclone

The official Instagram app must be deleted to use this feature. It is compatible with the integration of other apps. Follow the link to start the download.


Clone APK

It gives you the ability to install it alongside the official app. Both the icon and the programme name have been changed. To download, click on the link.

Instander Clone APK