Developer Mode in Instander APK

Developer Mode in Instander APK V17.2

For Instagram lovers, Instander APK is an excellent option to enjoy some extra features. Developer Mode in Instander APK is another great feature of Instander. Instander provides many features like downloading videos and pictures, Privacy, security, and a lot of customization, which the original app restricts. Anyone can enjoy these features by going to the Instander settings options.

But as a developer, I want some more customizations from the app. The thirst to modify an app increases when using a MOD app. This problem is solved in Instander APK by giving an option of Developer Mode in settings.

Instander APK For Android settings and developer options are not the same thing. With Instander APK settings, you can download videos and photos and change the colour of your theme to dark or any other colour you like. You can also choose the resolution of your photographs and videos.

But Instander APK Developer Mode Settings gives you extra power to get more features from this app, like seeing how your posts are doing with activity insights, automating interactions, and following or liking posts. You can also see your hashtags working.

Suppose you want to enjoy Instagram with another feeling. In that case, you must download it and enable the developer option to introduce you to some extra features.

Instander APK Developer Mode Settings

All options are listed under “MetaConfig Settings & Overrides” in the version 16 upgrade, while they were listed individually in prior versions. It can increase your phone’s performance and customisation. As a developer, you have access to a huge world of options. However, if you are unfamiliar with app development, you should not be concerned. We made it possible for you to get 100% output from the Instander APK Developer Mode Settings.

Instander APK

Instander APK Download v17.2

App NameInstander APK
App DeveloperThedise
Required Android version9+
App Size54 MB
Updated onJan 2, 2024

Is it OK to Enable Developer Mode in Instander APK ?

Yes, it is 100% safe to enable Instander APK Developer Mode Settings. It will not harm your account. Suppose there are any complications with the developer option. In that case, we are here to make them simple, so don’t worry about this feature and enable it with peace of mind.

Activating Instander APK Developer Mode Settings

  • Update to the latest version of the Instander app: First, check your installed version of Instander. If you have the previous version, first install its latest version.
  •     Developer Mode Settings: Second, go to settings and then to the developer option and toggle on the developer mode.

By activating developer mode, you can improve your Instagram experience.

Emoji Reactions

Now, you can use emoji reactions in your way through Developer mode. There are two types of emoji reactions: Direct reactions and message reactions.

Direct Reaction: In direction reaction, somebody sends you a message, and you hold down the news, and many reactions pop up. Please select your favourite emoji, and this reaction will show to the sender of the message below his message.

Message Reaction: Message reaction is different from direction reaction as in this reaction, emoji shows below the message separately, not just below the message.

To activate these messages, update to the latest version of Instander APK.

Forward Messages

Want to forward messages to friends? Instander APK Developer Mode Settings are here to help. You can forward messages to friends by adopting these simple steps.

First of all, check that the Direct forwarding option is enabled. You can also set how many times a message can be forwarded. You can put five friends in a direct forward list. The default forwarding list is different.

New Details Page

To improve the user experience, Instagram has included a new feature called the “new details page.” You can now view every detail on a page that has been updated and is user-friendly. When you check posts, threads, or messages, you will see they look new. And you adore it.

Slash Commands that are “Discord-like”

This functionality will be familiar to users of the Discord app. Discord is now a well-known app. You can also utilise slash commands similar to those found in Discord. For instance, (mute mention, commands and group, slash and direct, sheet fix, and mentions fix)

Direct Logo

The Instander APK will switch off the New Messenger logo with a direct icon.

Direct seen Status

The direct observed Status allows you to see the precise time a message was seen. The time when a message was sent is displayed below the message. Go to developer mode, tap on Metaconfig settings & Overrides, and search for “directly seen status.” Enable all of the settings before restarting the app.

Uplevel Save Profile

By entering the developer option “uplevel save profile” and enabling only the top option, Instander APK grants save post access. The app should then be restarted. Instagram allows you to go through a lengthy process to get to the saved post.

Display Progress Bar

When watching a reel, the show progress bar is an excellent way to go to a precise period. Search for “show progress bar” and enable the top settings, then restart the app.

Show Preview in Tray

Many people enjoy watching and uploading stories. These stories appear at the top of Instagram feeds. Don’t worry if you get tired of the Shape of the Instagram stories preview. The Shape of the story’s preview can be changed by the spectator. You can modify the shape of the circle in the story to rectangular.

Vanish Mode

To enable vanish mode, go to the developer option and search for (direct vanish, all except direct vanish mode intro qp) and enable vanish mode to set privacy mode.

Custom themes

Another wonderful option for customising the app’s design is theme customization. To receive redesigned message bubbles, select the Bubble system and theme customization option.

Instagram Notes

If you want Twitter’s touch on Instagram, Instander will satisfy you again. You can enjoy “Twitter-like” notes in Instander APK developer mode settings.

Download Instander APK

Download the Instander APK for Android by the link given below.


Suppose you are using v16s, previous versions of the Instander APK. In that case, the Instander APK Developer Mode Settings is excellent for users. Before, version 16 worked well, but now I don’t feel the need. We have given a list of developer settings you can try yourself. Developer Option is only helpful if you have an app development or coding idea. The Settings do their job fine, but I don’t find the need to change or make tweaks in the apps. These settings are only for professionals who know what they’re doing. So now, better leave these settings alone.

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