Instander APK Old Version Free Download v16

Instander APK Old Version

Instagram has become the most incredible social media platform for enthusiasts to share and explore fantastic material. Instander APK is gaining popularity due to its unique features absent from the original application. However, there is still a desire to access the Instander APK Old Version.

Some of us are stuck in our ways and refuse to change. They stick to the old ways and adore them. So, with those folks in mind, we provide the Instander APK Old Version.

Instander APK

Instander APK Old Version

Instander APK Download v16

App NameInstander APK
App DeveloperThedise
Required Android version5+
App Size54 MB
Updated on16/06/22

What is an Instander APK Old Version?

Instander APK is a third-party program that provides expanded functionality to Instagram users to improve their experience. It’s a tweaked version of the Instagram app. Its features, configurable themes, enhanced privacy restrictions, and the option to download Instagram posts drive its appeal.

It is primarily used by Android users, although it can also be installed and used on Apple and Windows devices. Users who prefer the original Instander APK version can get it from this page.

Features of Instander APK Old Version

Instander APK has many additional capabilities that an Instagram user would want, such as downloading favourite celebrity photos and videos, spying on friends and competitors, Ghost mode, ad-free Instagram, and many more functions that Instagram lacks.

If you are hesitant to change, the old version of Instander is for you. We recommend downloading the most recent version of Instander because it is more stable and feature-rich. Here are some of the features of the Instander APK Old Version.

Block Advertisements

First and foremost, we will discuss ad-free Instagram. When you unlock your phone and begin to browse the internet, the first thing you see are Ads, which can be annoying at times. Thanks to the Instander APK, which filters advertisements. You can immerse yourself in the world of Instagram.

Download Insta Photos/videos.

You may now download high-quality Instagram videos and images. You may also install IGTV and reels on your phone using the Instander APK.

Ghost mode

If you are concerned about your privacy, Ghost mode is an excellent option to have. While typing a message, you can hide yourself, watch Live videos, and turn off typing status.

Save To Archive

Things can be saved to Archive if you don’t have much storage space on your phone. And you can watch them later. Live videos can also be saved to your archive.

Upload Images and Stories in High Resolutions

Instagram is a social networking platform mainly used for sharing photos and videos, which must seem better in low quality. Instagram does not encourage the creation of high-quality content. However, you may upload high-quality movies and photos to Instander APK.

Instagram Verification

Instagram verification badges look great on your profile. It fosters trust with others, which leads to an increase in followers on your profile. Instander APK enables you to prove your identity by contributing a modest sum to its developers and receiving verification (Blue Tick).

Setting Menu is Available in 25 languages.

Instander APK Old version’s settings menu is accessible in 25 languages. You can configure your app in the language of your choice.

Indicate Who Follows You or Viewed Your Profile.

Instander APK displays all of your profile’s information. Who is following you, and who has looked at your profile?

Hide Message View Status

In the privacy settings, you can choose to hide the message view status. The sender is unaware that his mail has been read.

How to Download Instander APK Old Version?

By clicking the download button, you can get the old version of the Instander APK. The downloading process will begin automatically.

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