Instander Clone and Unclone APK

Instander Clone and Unclone APK

Instander APK is a modified version of Instagram That gives some extra features to its users. Someone wants to use the Original App As well as the revised version. Instander Clone and unclone APK are two different types of Instander APK.

Social media lovers’ number one choice is Instagram. People adore seeing films, reels, and gorgeous photos of their favourite celebs. They also share their happy moments with their fans. Instagram has specific functions that should be added. Don’t worry; Instander APK will fill the void. We discussed these apps in detail of these apps.

Instander APK

Instander APK Download v17.2

App NameInstander APK
App DeveloperThedise
Required Android version9+
App Size54 MB
Updated onJan 2, 2024

What is the Difference between Instander Clone and Unclone APK?

Clone Instander APK is a modified version of Instagram. It uses Instagram settings, so you don’t need to uninstall the original app. The two apps can be used at the same time. Clone comes with com. instander. Android package name and it can be installed as a standalone application.

Instander Clone APK

Unclone Instander APK is also a modified version of Instagram. It is the same as Clone, but the only difference is that installing it first and uninstalling the original Instagram app is compulsory. And it does not use the Instagram settings. Unclone comes with com. insta package name.

Unclone Instander APK

Instander Clone vs. Unclone APK

Instander Clone APK

  • Clone APK can be installed without uninstalling the original Instagram APP.
  • Not Acquire All the features of Instagram.
  • Less stable.
  • Has a different package name “”

Instander Unclone APK

  • To install an Unclone APK, first uninstall the original Instagram APP.
  • ┬áCan acquire All the features of the Instagram app.
  • More Stable.
  • Has a Package name “com.insta”.

Features of Instander Clone and Unclone APK

Clone And unclone Instander APK has some features. Clone and Unclone APK almost have the same features. You can download your favourite Photos and Videos into your Phone gallery to watch them later. You can also save videos into Your archive if you don’t want to download them on your phone but want to save them. Live videos can also be saved into the archive; you have 30 to watch them. After that, they will disappear automatically.

Ghost Mode is also an exciting feature of Instander APK. This allows the user to hide from the internet and anonymously watch others’ posts, messages, and live videos. You can hide the typing status while typing a message. People will not be able to see when you have read their messages. You can see the stories of others, and they don’t know that you have seen them.

Ads Are the most irritating thing on the internet, but you can turn off ads in settings on Instagram. We have thoroughly discussed instander features in our Instander APK For Android article, and you may like it.

Instander Clone and Unclone APK Precautions

Here are some precautions to take when using Instander Clone APK

  • Get the APK from a reputable website. Many websites provide Instander Clone and Unclone APK, but we deliver a clean, fresh APK.
  •  Scan the APK from viruses and then install it.
  •  Keep your Instander APK up to date.
  •  Always Use a strong password for your Instagram account.
  •  Enable two-factor authentication for your Instagram account. It will give extra safety to your account.

By following these precautions, you can help protect yourself when using Instander Clone APK.

How to Download Instander Clone and unclone Apk?

You can download the Instander Clone and unclone APK on this site by taking simple steps.

To get your preferred Instander APK version, click the download button. After downloading, click on it to begin the installation process.

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