Instander APK VS InstaPro APK | Comparison

Instander APK VS InstaPro APK | Comparison

The Meta Group is the owner of the social networking app known as Instagram. It also has a sizable user base and community. There are occasions when users desire additional features that are not included in the original version of the product. As a result, developers added new functionality to existing applications by modifying them. Instagram features a large number of apps that have been changed. This article will compare two of these applications. Compare and contrast the Instander APK with the InstaPro APK.

Introduction of Instander APK

Instander Clone APK
App NameInstander APK
App DeveloperThedise
Required Android version9+
App Size54 MB
Updated onJuly 25, 2023

The Desie Developer has created an Instagram MOD application called Instander APK for Android devices. A third-party app such as this is not accessible on Google Play because it is a third-party app. It is available on a variety of websites, so you can choose the one that suits you the best, based on your needs.

Introduction Of InstaPro APK

InstaPro APK
App NameInstaPro APK
App DeveloperSamMods
Required Android version5 +
App Size71 MB
Updated onJuly 09, 2023

This is a Modded Instagram version of the Instagram App called InstaPro APK. As of 2019, Sam has created it, and its popularity has grown ever since. Currently, it has millions of users around the world. Additionally, this app is not available on the Google Play Store either.

Features Comparison

There are almost no differences between these two apps in terms of functionality. We compare their characteristics. By creating a comparison table, we simplified things.

Instander APK VS InstaPro APK

Instander APK

  • Videos and pictures can be downloaded.
  • Your profile can display a blue tick badge.
  • The message viewed status can be disabled.
  • Users benefit from ad-free browsing.
  • Themes and fonts can be customized.

InstaPro APK

  • Insights into unfollowing.
  • Display of maximum photo quality.
  • Watching a story in stealth.
  • A customizable chat screen is available.
  • Backup and restore capabilities that are robust.

Performance Comparison

Third parties develop APK applications. These apps sometimes contain malware and viruses. These viruses slow down their performance. It is, therefore, important to download these apps only from trusted websites. They are developed by keeping their users’ needs in mind when their developers develop them.

These apps sometimes disappoint their users, but not always. They suddenly crash or hang when you use them.


I always emphasize downloading these apps from trusted sites. As a whole, if you want some extra features, then you can enjoy these two apps.

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